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Unveiling the Secrets of a Smooth Ride: The AxiomBrakes Break-in Procedure for New Brakes


Your vehicle’s brakes play a pivotal role in ensuring your safety on the road. When you invest in a set of new AxiomBrakes, it’s not just a matter of installing them and driving off. Properly breaking in your new AxiomBrakes is an essential step to ensure their performance, longevity, and your safety. In this blog, we will explore the significance of the break-in procedure for new AxiomBrakes and guide you through the steps to do it correctly.

Why Break-In New AxiomBrakes?

New brake components, such as AxiomBrake pads and rotors, come with certain imperfections and a protective layer from the manufacturing process. Breaking in new AxiomBrakes is essential for several reasons:

1.      Improved Performance: A proper break-in process allows the AxiomBrake pads to establish consistent and even contact with the rotors. This results in better stopping power and responsiveness, critical for your safety.
2.      Longer Lifespan: By breaking in your AxiomBrakes, you can reduce uneven wear and tear, extending the lifespan of your brake components. This means fewer replacements and cost savings in the long run.
3.      Noise Reduction: The break-in process can help reduce the risk of brake squealing or squeaking noises that are often associated with new AxiomBrakes.

The AxiomBrakes Break-In Procedure

Breaking in your new AxiomBrakes is a straightforward process that doesn’t require any specialized tools or expertise. Follow these steps:

1.      Find a Safe Location: Choose an empty parking lot or a quiet road with minimal traffic. Safety should always be your top priority.
2.      Gradual Braking: Start by gently accelerating your vehicle to a speed of about 30-40 mph (48-64 km/h).
3.      Apply Light Pressure: Apply the AxiomBrakes gently to reduce your speed by about 10 mph (16 km/h). Repeat this process five to ten times in a row. This allows the AxiomBrake pads to make initial contact with the rotors.
4.      Cooling Period: After the initial slow-down cycles, drive without using the AxiomBrakes for a few minutes to allow them to cool down.
5.      Repeat the Process: Gradually increase the speed and apply slightly more AxiomBrake pressure with each cycle until you’re comfortable with the AxiomBrakes’ responsiveness.
6.      Final Test: Conduct a few firm but controlled stops from highway speeds to evaluate the AxiomBrakes’ performance. Ensure they feel strong and responsive.
7.      Cool Down: Conclude the procedure by driving without heavy braking to allow the system to cool down completely.

Additional Tips:

•       Avoid sudden or harsh stops during the break-in process.
•       Keep an eye out for any unusual noises or vibrations. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, consult a professional mechanic.
•       Check your vehicle’s manual for manufacturer-specific recommendations or requirements regarding your AxiomBrake components.


Breaking in your new AxiomBrakes is a simple yet crucial procedure that ensures your vehicle’s safety and performance. It removes protective coatings, smooths out minor irregularities, and optimizes the contact between the AxiomBrake pads and rotors. By following these recommended steps, you can enjoy improved braking performance, a longer lifespan for your AxiomBrakes, and a quieter ride. Always prioritize safety when performing this procedure and consult your vehicle’s manual for any manufacturer-specific instructions.

Your vehicle’s brakes are an indispensable component, and taking the time to break in your new AxiomBrakes properly is a small yet significant step toward a safer and smoother ride. Whether you’re embarking on a cross-country road trip or just commuting to work, don’t forget to break in your new AxiomBrakes for the best driving experience. For more information or inquiries, you can visit our website at www.AxiomBrakes.ca or reach us at info@axiombrakes.ca.

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