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OEM brakes are great for daily driving, but they are much more expensive than aftermarket brakes and offer no improvement in braking power. Aftermarket brakes are available in a wide selection, from daily driving replacements to products built to handle the stresses of more aggressive driving, towing, heavy load, or racing

  1. You can send us VIN number and we can help you find perfect fit.
  2.  You can call you dealership to get all information needed for your vehicle
  3. The trim/sub-model of the vehicle is often stated on the back of the car, for example: EX/EXT/LX

Solid vs. Vented Rotors
• Solid disc brake rotor has One solid brake disc
• Vented disc brake rotor has Two brake discs conjoined at the middle by vanes or lined structures

NOTE: If you have solid rotors on your vehicle, you cannot replace or upgrade them to vented rotors. The same applies to vented rotors.

Silver/Black Coating on the rotors prevent rust, add more life to rotors and also gives better look. Normal Rotors without coating will soon get rusted and look bad.

The Anti-rust coating around the braking areas of the rotor will eventually wear off after use.
This is normal and unavoidable. However, the hat, vents and other parts of the rotor where the pads do not come into contact will remain protected

• Sluggish stopping or poor brake response: If you notice that the brake pedal is going down farther than normal when pressing the brakes, this could be an indication that the brake pads or rotors are worn down and need to be replaced. This could also be an indication that the brake fluid level is low.

• Steering Wheel shaking or rattling when braking: When pressing down on the brake pedal, warped or worn rotors will cause chattering from the wheelbase. This happens because warped rotors are pushing the brake pads out while the callipers are squeezing them in. The faster you are moving, the more violent the shaking and chattering will be. Uneven brake pad bite can cause fading and loss of stopping power.

• Grinding noise while braking: This is typically a sign that your brake pads are worn down to the metal, and/or that the rotors are worn out.

When you remove your wheel & look at the backside of the calliper:
• Two Smaller Pistons = Dual Piston Calliper
• Single Large Piston = Single Piston Calliper

NOTE: There are also 4 pistons, 6 piston and 8 piston callipers which are usually found on heavy duty and high-performance vehicles. Regular vehicle models will use single or dual piston callipers for the most part (most of the time).

The number of lugs (mounting holes, studs or bolts) on the rotor hat can vary depending on the sub-model or trim of the vehicle.

  • You can call you dealership and they can provide you required information.
  • You can send us VIN and we can try decoding it to find required information (not in all cases)
  • You can measure rotor size if you are handyman and can do brakes installation yourself. On the face of the rotor, measure from one side to the other (usually measured in mm or inches).
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